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Overview: International protests at Alcatel-Lucent

by Alcatel-Lucent posted on 14.02.2007 19:23 last modified 17.02.2007 18:39 —

When french unions announced one week ago a two hour strike for february 15th, nobody could anticipate the international response. Within days the french strike transformed into some kind of an international protest, challeging the management plans for massive lay-offs.

The Alcatel-Lucent Vision - To enrich people's lives by transforming the way the world communicates - went into reality in a surprising manner. The ruthless lay-offs announced by management last friday lead to spontaneous reaction of unions and employees, which might be a starting point to overwhelm the traditonal separation and competition between national unions and different sites.

The speed of the emerging and the international spread of activities, protests and strikes is quite impressive. A surely incomplete overview of 15th february action day includes:

Leaflets, declaration etc. are documented on a ongoing base in the folder Inside the company

Update: 2007/02/15 at 6 pm Central European Time

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Anonymer Benutzer 15.02.2007 18:53
Part of the North American downsizing will involve, detatching as much manufacturing services and headcount as possible. The previous downsizing in Lucent included the closure and sale of manufacturing facilities, and contracting these services out. This will probably be the way Alactel-lucent will downsize some of their headcount in North America.