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Fiat Italy: Less Rights or Unemployment ?

von Red Devil — Letzte Änderung 27.07.2010 19:25
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Fiat in Italy is a clear example of a new dangerous direction in industrial relations. Marchionne, FIAT general manager, is showing what means have less rights for the workers.

To save the auto industrial sector a direct intervention of the government is needed as alternative to the de-industrialization and the social disaster.

With the offshore of the production in Serbia, Fiat shows that the industrial project for Italy is only a fake, to obtain a increase of the worker's exploitation and closure of the factories. In april 2010 FIAT was clarifying that they wanted to produce 6 millions of cars: 1,4 millions with Fiat brand in Italy. This was understood as a double increase of production...too much, and this was very strange.

After the words we see the facts: extreme cost reduction, no investments, every time with different justifications.

We remember that Fiat in 1987 got from the government a big present: all the entire Alfa Romeo group (40.000 workers, 4 factories and a significative market share), obtained from the unions fim-fiom-uilm the cancellation of the all existing union agreements, was committed to made investments for a production restart and defend the employment. All commitments never respected.

In 1990 with the factory in Melfi and the provision to produce 3,5 millions of cars, Fiat obtained from the unions Fim, Fiom and Uilm an union agreement which gave regulations and time schedules not provided in national agreements and laws, with rights less and salaries than 30% than the other companies.

In 2005 a similar provision was done: 3,5 millions of cars to justify the movement of the production outside Italy.

Marchionne's game: workers are asking to FIAT some assurances on employment and salaries, he respond with more exploitation.

For the production of Fiat in Serbia are provided 650 millions of euro not repayable (250 from government of Serbia, 400 from european bank of investments), 10 years of fiscal benefits, and 10.000 € for every worker from the government of Serbia.

To justify the transfer of production, this time Fiat gave the justifications to the union in Pomigliano, where workers are fighting hard to maintain their work place and jobs.