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UPS, Union Busting and the Nazi-Connection: Protests continue

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After the scandalous turn of events in UPS Nuremberg became known to the public, customers, unionists and anti-fascists in Germany and abroad started to protest against a UPS Supervisor who used Nazi-websites to defame unionists - and to protest against UPS doing nothing about it. As a recent example we are documenting a mail that was sent to American, European and German Management by the European Works Council of Lucent Technologies. This council´s chairman is also mentioned in the Nazi-article the UPS Supervisor made use of.

Dear Sir,

We, the European Works Council of Lucent Technologies Network Systems, would like to express our surprise at the current behaviour of UPS towards our Chairman, D.H.

We do not understand how a company like UPS can tolerate one of its supervisors, Tobias Dede, using propaganda from a website of well-known and dangerous Nazis for a works council election campaign, consequently also defaming and endangering the well-being of our Chairman. Furthermore, it is completely unfathomable to us, how UPS can seemingly help Tobias Dede in the court case currently taking place.

We hope that this is not representative for the whole of UPS. Given the fact that UPS is still a supplier for both Alcatel and Lucent, the company that is currently merging with Lucent, the continuation of such behaviour would force us to question the standing of UPS in both our company and in the new one.

We hope that you can reassure us that UPS is just an ethical company as both Lucent and Alcatel are. Furthermore, we hope that you can show us that what has happened in Nuremberg is not representative for the rest of UPS. We would expect that those who disseminate Nazi propaganda be severely punished. In our company such behaviour would certainly result in massive problems for those involved (contravention of ethic guidelines). Anything else would be bad both for your and our business.

We hope to hear from you very soon.

Yours sincerely,

R B, Secretary, European Works Council, Lucent Technologies Network Systems

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In the Case of Infringement a 250,000 Euro Fine or Six Months in Prison.

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