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Ergebnis der Verhandlungen in Battipaglia

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Neuer Investor Telerobot gefunden. ALU bleibt 5 Jahre Minderheitseigentümer.

Dear all, after 14 months of negotiation, strikes, demonstrations, extreme conflict form of the ALU Battipaglia workers, employees and temporary workers, the last 17 June, the Italian trade unions signed the agreement with ALU Italy and Italian government for the selling of manufacturing part of Battipaglia plant.

The main points of the agreement are:

  1. The first project of ALU is delete!!!!
  2. Creation of the new company BTP Tecno: 10% ALU shareholding and 90% TELEROBOT shareholding. ALU shareholding is very important for to accompany the plant.
  3. TELEROBOT is the new company that Italian government choose for the industrial re-convert of Battipaglia plant. TELEROBOT is a company of VIVADO Italian groups (400 employment) that develop and produce TLC, defense and electro-medical sector. In particular for Battipaglia plant the business will be into the biomedical sector.
  4. In the next months a part of TELEROBOT shareholding will give to INVITALIA a public subject for investment and development.
  5. 5 years of supply for ALU.
  6. Employment of a part of temporary workers.
  7. Reinforce with some employment of the ALU R&D activities that remain into our perimeter.

Before the final signature the draft agreement was submit at a referendum involved all the workers,employees and temporary workers of Battipaglia plant and received the majority of approval.

Now start the reality and difficult part, because is necessary that the unions to make sure the correct application and develop of the new project and agreement.

Thank you for your support during the strong periods of this negotiation.


Adriana Geppert